Art, Script, and Film Consultant

Crit has a unique approach to film analysis and structure. He has created what he calls the DNA Story Helix model and has coined the terms “Wantsplot”, “NeedsPlot” and “The Sampson Moment”, among others, to illustrate the path the main character takes when weaving their way through a story.


Crit started working in films in the early 1980’s in the Art, Design and Special Effects departments. He studied under Sci Fi Masters John Berky, Syd Mead, Ray Harryhausen, Doug Trumbull, and Mark Stetson. Crit’s first job was as a concept designer for the movie Blade Runner.

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His career has spanned 34 years and given him the opportunity to work on some eighty five motion pictures in production design and on another ninety some films behind the scenes crafting stories and consulting on script and film structure.


Crit has taught university level classes at USC, UCLA and BYU in screenwriting and production design.

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Acrylic on Canvas
Acrylic on Canvas
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Jason Stobbard

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